Forum 225 Releases Policy Platform For Young Professionals

Forum 225 released its first ever policy platform for young professionals. The organization’s Board of Directors decided to issue a platform of policy topics important to young professionals across the Baton Rouge area. Living up to the mission of creating opportunities for young professionals to grow philanthropically, professionally, and civically is vital to the organization’s commitment to the Baton Rouge community. The platform highlights eight main issues identified through a community-wide survey of young professionals.

  1. Strengthened community relations with, and transparent access to, the Baton Rouge Police Department.
  2. Access to quality healthcare systems for ALL areas of Baton Rouge, with an emphasis on mental health resources.
  3. Access to reliable public transportation for ALL Baton Rouge citizens and sustainable infrastructure such as walking paths and bike lanes with safety in mind.
  4. Secured access and attention to food security in North Baton Rouge.
  5. A City-Parish administration that is diverse, representing all aspects of our community, and practices fair employment practices protecting minority populations such as the LGBTQ+ community.
  6. Policies that recognize the impending climate crisis and seek to alleviate the impacts on South Louisiana and Baton Rouge.
  7. Access to quality and affordable early childhood education for ALL Baton Rouge citizens.
  8. Support and resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are working to diversity the Baton Rouge economy.

Forum 225 is proud to be Baton Rouge’s largest voice for young professionals, a group which makes up one of the largest voting blocks in the community. The organization stated: “We believe these policy areas will not only increase quality of life for our citizens but can provide a sustainable plan for attracting diverse young professional talent.”

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